Tickets for “LORD OF THE DANCE” show about to be sold out


The organizers from “Symphonics Concerts” announced that tickets for the incredible spectacle “Lord of the Dance”, which can be seen in “Armeec Arena” in Sofia on 15 March 2014, are about to be sold out. Michael Flatley’s amazing dancers are coming back to Bulgaria to show their fans unseen scenography, decors, costumes, visual effects, and breathtaking magical dances. Soon after the performance in Sofia, the show will be stopped, and the troupe will start working on a new project. The tickets from 35lv and 50lv are still available on , but the organizers  expect them to be sold out within days. Meanwhile Zoltan Papp, who dances the role of “The Dark Lord” in the show, arrived in Sofia invited by “Symphonics Concerts”. The virtuoso dancer, who will perform on Bulgarian stage in March, met some of his fans, signed autographs and told stories about his work on stage and his life outside the spotlight. Zoltan Papp is a Hungarian, but he has been part of “Lord of the Dance” show already for years. Only 21, he sees Michael Flatley on TV and decides he wants to master the Irish dances. In 2005 Zoltan gets the chance to dance in “Celtic Tiger” next to his idol. Two years later he already joined the “Lord of the Dance”, where he is dancing up to present day. His girlfriend, Andrea Kren, who dances the role of “Little Spirit”, is also working in the show.  After meeting his fans, Zoltan Papp gave numerous interviews for televisions, radios,  newspapers and internet media, and even appeared on bTV’s “Before Noon” talk show, where  he taught Irish dances to the host Alexander Kadiev. During his visit in Sofia, the lead dancer of “Lord of the Dance” inspected the hall where the show will take place, and discussed with the organizers the technical parameters of one of the most successful spectacle in the history of show business, which can be seen on 15th 2014 in Sofia.