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Ryan Leslie and His Electrifying Live Band


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At the wildest Hip Hop and R&B party for this year, the musical genius will perform with the help of the "hottest" Balkan artist.  World famous R&B performer, producer and musician Ryan Leslie will stay in Sofia longer than planned, informed from his team. Grammy-nominated musician will entertain his Bulgarian fans with exclusive show at Sofia Live Club on 6th November. Thirty-five-year old Leslie comes with his band, and Sofia is just one of the stops from his world tour-"Black Mozart". The star arrives few days before the wildest R&B and Hip Hop party for 2013, and he will stay a few days after it. The reason behind-the idea to implement his newest project here, in Bulgaria. According to his hosts from Symphonics, Ryan Leslie will shoot a movie. The world hottest R&B celebrity was impressed by the conditions Sofia has to offer in relation to filming, but also by the beauty of Bulgarian women. During his first visit in Bulgaria this summer -for the 5th birthday of Symphonics, he was astonished by the charm and professionalism of a young actress and a model. According to some, he recognised her right away as the lead actress for his future movie project. In addition, Leslie is considering to make a quick casting for more actresses during his stay.

The fans of the genius Ryan Leslie will be left breathless at his concert on 6th November in Sofia Live Club. The organizers moved the party from Hall 3 of NDK (which was the initial venue) due to the fact that the famous club fits perfectly the needs of the American guest and his band. Due to the great interest to meet their idol, the fans will have the chance to buy a VIP ticket from 80 to 100 levs, which will include VIP cocktail and meet&greet – personal meeting and a picture with Ryan Leslie. There are 100 tickets available from the 80lv-price-tickets, and 50 from the 100lv-price-tickets. Additional information you can find on the official website of EVENTIM and of Symphonics, but also on the organizer’s Facebook page – Symphonics and Monster Hip Hop. 

At the moment the tickets cost 30lv on the website of EVENTIM, but on the day of the event one can buy them for 35lv. For the fans who already bought tickets for Halll 3 of NDK, there will be no need to change them.  Due to the huge interest towards the party, one can predict we will enjoy a great live performance, in which the fans will be able to hear mix of Leslie’s style diversity - R&B, RAP, NEO-SOUL и FUNK. Apart from his newest hit, “Addiction”, for his Bulgarian fans the American “will put to use” some of his best songs from the beginning of his career. All this, of course, will be accompanied with attractive instrumental adventures.  Ryan Leslie’s party on 6th November will not be limited in time, because after his performance the organizers have prepared the official tour DJ-TAM-R t to come out on the stage, and right after it-the Bulgarian Hip Hop and R&B artillery. Apart from the national star Bobo, the Bulgarian audience will be able to hear some of the other favorite celebrities – Lora Karadjova, Grafa, , Jahmmi Youth, Меу, Desi Andonova from PhutureShock, Kristo, Rudi Duli Muden & Kukushev, BobyLeon and others. Hosts and Warm-up DJs of the hot November night will be the well-known to Bulgaria DJ Bugs and N.A.S.O. from Monster Hip Hop Party. Toni Zen, whose collaboration with Bobo reached the top of MTV Adria charts, will arrive from Macedonia especially for the event.