Alex P

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Alexandre Peltekov is 35 years old. Fitness instructor, retailer of nutritional supplements, former model, his first public appearence was as a fighter extra in the movie "Troy". Better known as the rapper Alex P, author of songs such as "Lyulin" (2000), "Come Clap" (2007), "My Block" (2010), "Music" (2011), "Benefiza" (2012) , "Bellucci" and "Dude" (2013).

Alexander Atanasov Peltekov or a.k.a Sando has been active artist since his 15th birthday. His professional debut was in 2002 featuring on album called "If You Ask Me" with Alex S. He has been part of many bands like Lyulin Squad. He also collaborated with some of the top names in Bulgarian rap. He won best performance award in 2012 on the Bulgarian Hip Hop Awards.