Toni Zen

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Toni Zen (born as Toni Petkovski on 21.07.1983) is one of the best hip-hop artists, producers, DJs and MCs in the history of hip-hop music in Macedonia. His first demo recordings were made in the late 90s, but it was 2002 when Toni Zen began his professional career by establishing his group called Urban Dimension (Urbana Dimenzija) together with DJ Chvare. In that same year Toni Zen started performing in many night clubs in Macedonia with a note on his first performance in “Element” the biggest night club in Macedonia at that time. In 2005 “Urban Dimension” releases their first debut album called ‘Stihovna Agenda.” The result from this project was the performance on “Streats Beats Festival” as well as a guest star of Jeru Da Damaja, Afu Ra, Guru and the videos for “Fanatik”, and “Zivot”.

In 2006 Toni Zen starts his solo career as an MC and a DJ. His solo project included cooperation with numerous famous artists in Macedonia such as: Slatkaristika, Toksikologija, Tamara Todevska, Edinstvena Opcija and Jovanov records. His next album called “Slusaj” was released in 2007 as a noncommercial edition for Avangarde magazine. This album spawned many hits such as: “Skopje moj grad”, “Vo poln efekt”, “Dali sakas”,”ZEN MASTER”; “Mi casa es su casa”. In 2007 he started a hip-hop show on a Macedonian music TV- MS. Toni ended his DJ career in 2008 and started his solo career as a hip hop artist.

In April 2009 he becomes a co-founder of Simplicity Production with a mission to develop and promote hip hop culture in Macedonia. At the same time he released the re-edition of “Slusaj” (Listen). Late that year he released his second solo album “Vo moj stil” and videos for six singles from this album: “Spusti se dole”, “Vo moj stil”, “Skandal”, “Jas sum hip-hop”, “Ne me zamaraj”, “Okey”. 

February 13, 2010 Toni Zen performed as a special guest star on the concert of his close friend Slatkaristika in Metropolis Arena in Skopje, this event was called “Hip Hop Revolution” (Hip Hop Revolucija). On 31 march 2010 he performed as an opening act on the concert of the world superstar 50 Cent which was held in Boris Trajkovski Sports Center in Skopje. He did his first solo concert in the summer 2010, in Ohrid’s Ancient Theatre. The same year he took part of the campaign for saving the nature- Go Green and together with his friend Slatkaristika wrote the song and the video for “Go green”.  In the summer of 2010 he travelled to the Philippines together with other ex-Yugoslav celebrities for the shooting of the third season of a regional version of Survivor, named “VIP Survivor”. He got through to the finals of the show and finished as a runner-up. His popularity and his career after the show, took a massive boost and he became the first hip hop artist in Macedonia who successfully promotes a hip hop culture in the Balkan countries. 

His success during 2010 continued in 2011. 

On March 18th 2011 Toni Zen held a solo concert in Boris Trajkovski, Sports Center in Skopje. This was thought by many as the most successful event in the history of Hip Hop music. In front of his fans Toni Zen performed his biggest hits as well as the singles such as “Superzen”, “Bass”, “VIP”, “Samo toci” (feat. Struka and Lud) which were the announcement of his fourth solo album released in June 22 2011. 

The result form this project is a successful collaboration with a famous Serbian R&B; Soul band called “Maraqya”. The single “Govor Tela” became a number one hit song on MTV Adria. This was the reason for their concert held on 29.12.2011 at “Univerzalna Sala”- Skopje.