Margarita Alexieva (Mey)

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Even at a very early age, it was clear to Margarita Aleksieva – MEY, that she would dedicate her life to music. She started playing the piano and singing at the Bulgarian National Junior Choir when she was 5 years old. Her talent did not go unnoticed and later she got admitted to the National Music School of Bulgaria where she studied pop and jazz singing, choir, piano, clarinet, saxophone, etc. During her adolescence MEY continued gaining experience and worked as a singer in various bands that played in live music clubs around the country.

As a singer with a unique style and voice, MEY captivates the audience with her mellow vocals and sophisticated phrase combined with touching improvisations while conveying deep emotions and messages.

In 2012, MEY took part in the first edition of X-Factor Bulgaria. She stood out among the hundreds of participants and was chosen as one of the 12 finalists. During the show MEY used the opportunity to present her professional performance skills as well as an exquisite taste of RnB, soul and jazz music. Due to the programme, MEY gained popularity among youngsters who became her loyal fans.The most valuable appreciation for MEY’s artistic abilities came from the well-known jazz drummer Poogie Bell (played with Marcus Miller, Erikah Badu, Chaka Khan, David Bowie, Al Jerreau, etc). Poogie sees her as the best choice for his own new project. Thus they began their collaboration and started working on an album. Most of the songs are already recorded and have original sounds of RnB, Soul, Funk and Rock. The other musicians that take part in the album are from Poogie Bell Band: Bobby Sparks (keys), Chris Parker (guitar), Brett Williams (keys), Jeremy McDonald (bass) and others.

In the album MEY participates not only as a leading vocal but also as a lyricist of some of the songs and takes an active part in the process of creating them. The first single of MEY feat. Poogie Bell “I Call It Smile” was released in October 2012. The song has a tender melody topped with powerful guitars and a memorable chorus. “I Call It Smile” is a work of Poogie Bell, Brett Williams and MEY. Its positive message invokes people to pay attention to the essential things and to remember that each of us has the chance to choose how to live their life.

For the single MEY shot an impressive video that shows the singer in the middle of stunning natural landscapes. The video is directed by Velina Balinova and Nadya Voinova.

The promotion of the video took place in Sofia Live Club (one of the country’s finest live venues) and was highly anticipated and visited by many fans. MEY made an outstanding live performance together with Poogie Bell and her own band which consists of some of the most prominent Bulgarian musicians in the genre: Radoslav Slavchev (bass), Alexander Slavchev (guitar), Krasimir Todorov (keyboard).