Rudi, Duli, Muden & Kukusheff

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Rudi, Duli, Muden & Kukusheff - a foursome so versatile and unique like the name they chose. It all began as a hobby for them, recording their first tracks in their homes in front of the computer but soon their tracks topped the charts with the same ease they were created. Number one spots were never the goal, but it was the result. Their first track was "Not me, maybe...", followed by "To the Disco..." and then the summer anthem "B**ches & iLike". They have gigs all over the country, introducing their many projects to the audience.                     

Rudi is responsible for the main ideas behind the beats and arrangements, the musicality and is also the one who sings.

Muden is the rapper. His unmistakable flow brings the hip-hop into the picture.

Duli and Kukusheff are trained actors and take care of the performance, the energy and the delivery of the messages about laid back life and not taking yourself too seriously. 

Lyrics are crafted by all four of the guys.

Duli, Muden and Kukusheff also have their own play they show on different stages regularly.